Booking a Removal Company


Before booking a removal company, it is very important to make sure that you have thought through about when you want to move for you to be able to make prior arrangements. Make sure that you have an inventory of all your belongings and if possible you can take pictures of them. By now, you should also be deciding on the items that you do not want them to pack so that you will be able to give them clear instructions on what you want them to pack and what they should not pack.

Taking an inventory of all the belongings that you want moved will help you to be able to estimate the right space that you will need. Overestimating of the space is a loss as the space is wasted and no money is refunded. Underestimating the space you require will mean that your belongings will not fit in the removal van and this means two things.

One is that you may not be able to move that day and hence will book another bigger van or the other option is that they will move some of the belongings, unload and come back for the rest of them. All this will mean waste of time and extra charges. If you let them know right off the bat, about things that need to be moved, then based on those details, they can then send a man and a van or two men and a truck for your needs.

While booking a removal company, it is important to ensure that you have thoroughly checked their references and credentials too so as to ensure that your belonging will be safe. It is advisable for one to look for a removal companies that provide insurance because moving involves risks. Ensure that you have examined their insurance and confirmed that it actually covers everything.

Inform the moving company of your planned moving date in advance so that they are able come and assess your belongings for them to plan on the personnel they will require, the insurance needed and the van. This will also help them give you an accurate quote. They will also be in a position to suggest how long it would take for the whole process of packing and moving. With this you are able to plan yourself better.

Thoughtful Information